Click to enlargeAtlantic Mud Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Ridge Rock

10.5" wide x 3.5" high

Click for biggest images to see the contrasting textures of crystalline Bermuda Rise sediment and the rim of Mid-Atlantic Rock slurry that self-organized into brick-like shapes during the slurry's drying and chemical transformation during firing (returning to its rock-like state of extraction from 45 degrees north, 23.5 degrees west). As if that's not enough, the exterior rim shows evidence of foraminifera shells--the golden speckles in the dark matte brown glaze -- the shells that have given climate researchers information about water temperature at different times. (NY Times once did an article called "Ocean as Womb and Tomb" and since then I labeled the mud bucket, "The Dark Cemetary", although that sediment-glaze is now used up.)

Oribe glaze assembled from refined materials.