Click to enlargeA Day on Research Vessel Point Sur

CELEBRATING Mud Scraped from Rocks Dredged at 36 45.661' North, 122 03.18' West

DEEP-SEA TRAWLING TRIP ON POINT SUR This is stoneware clay glazed with marine sediment from Monterey Bay, sea glass, and concoctions assembled from refined materials that were fired to about 2350 fahrenheit.

The brown glaze on the chatter patterned area came from scrapings off rocks from the first beam trawl in about 600 meters of water. It was my first trip on a boat afloat above sediment Ive melted. It was a happy occasion for me, so I made this gift to the Point Sur.

Thanks to John Klusmire for inviting me aboard on November 15th, 2007, to Karen Close for sending sea glass and hanging this artifact, and to all who made the day memorable and alive with enthusiasm and discovery. Thanks to Alan Burr Steinbach M.D., who carved the fish stamp I used in the center, and to everyone who sees how similar artists and scientists often are.